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Educational Programmes & Workshops for Adults 2015-2016

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The THALASSA Ayia Napa Municipal Museum’s management conducts various educational programmes, workshops and activities for adults that promote with great respect and admiration the Cyprus’ history and culture, archaeology, arts marine and natural environment.

The participants have the opportunity apart from theoretical aspects to active participate and learn among others the art of clay and ceramic, glass, hagiography, basket making, mosaic and hand-made jeweller.

The free programmes are taking place from November 2015 until the end of February 2016 at the museum premises.


Date        Activity 2015


17-Nov.      The art of clay and ceramic            

24-Nov.      The art of glass

01-Dec.      Handmade creations

08-Dec.      Perfumery (make my own perfume)

15-Dec.      The handmade jeweler

18-Dec.      Wine tasting

Date           Activity 2016

12-Jan.    The art of mosaic

19-Jan.     The art of clay and ceramic (ancient copies)

26-Jan.      The art of glass

29- Jan.    Wine tasting

02-Feb.     Handmade creations

09-Feb.    The handmade jeweler     

16-Feb.    Traditional basket making

23-Feb.     Perfumery (make my own perfume)

26-Feb.    Wine tasting


  1. Please book in advance your participation, since there are Limited places for some programmes.
  2. The administration has the right to postpone or replace a workshop.

Venue:  Thalassa Ayia Napa Municipal Museum

Time: 15:00 pm


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