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Ceramic Group exhibition: 'Mesogeios'

Category: Periodical Exhibitions
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The ceramic group exhibition 'Mesogeios' by the artists Fotos Demetriou, Vassos Demetriou, Myro  Psara, Stavros Stavrou, Anastasia Lampaski, Efthimios Simeou, Christiana Charalambous, Nina  Iakovou and Antri Iona, it is presented to the public from September 10 until November 30, 2014, at the Municipal Museum of Ayia Napa THALASSA.

The exhibition includes 27 ceramic creations inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. An artistic journey with respect to the influence of the Mediterranean to the island, from antiquity until today. An original and innovative art exhibition that highlights with earthy colors the beauty of the Mediterranean.  

The distinguished Cypriot ceramists, surprise us with their insight and insightful modern spirit in separate works made ​​from clay, always in conjunction with an entirely exciting glorification of the Mediterranean. The exhibition consist among others ceramic fish, boats, shells, crustaceans and other marine organisms.

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