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    History of Cyprus' Marine Life

    About The Museum

    Welcome to the THALASSA Municipal Museum, which was opened in August 2005, and it is directed by the Pierides Foundation, in association with the Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition and the Tornaritis-Pierides Marine Life Foundation.

    The museum is a three story building made by marble, onyx, wood, metal and offers unique experiences appealing to all our senses with its ‘bird eye view’. It incorporates seven levels and the paleontological, geological, archaeological, marine life exhibits are presented in underground showcases, where the visitors are able to walk and view the objects from the top, in modern showcases, exhibits freely placed in the museum whereas other they are hanging from the roof.

    The Museum is located at the centre of Agia Napa and it has the sea as a subject-matter. It is the first museum of its kind across the Mediterranean region with main principle to present to the audiences, the local and foreign visitors, the impact and the significance of the sea upon the history of the island. The exhibits of the museum cover a chronological span, from paleontological to historic periods until present times.

    The museum’s collections are derived from the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, the Pierides-Tornaritis Marine Life Foundation, the Museum Pierides- Laiki Group Cultural Centre, and the Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition and the personal collection of Demetrios Z. Pierides.

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    Our Museum has a whole host of tours and events across the year to enhance the cultural experience for visitors of all ages. We will be updating the event listings periocally.

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    Happy Visitors

    Se avete un'oretta libera perché no Se avete visto altri musei ciprioti, ad esempio a Limisso o a Nicosia, non dovete per forza venire anche qui, perché bene o male racconta anche questo la storia di Cipro. Se invece alloggerete solo qui ad agia napa potete concedergli un'ora del vostro tempo. Il museo si divide in 3 parti: la storia di Cipro, il mare (inclusa la riproduzione funzionante di una barca antica) e la fauna antica di Cipro. Bella e moderna struttura! Didascalie e spiegazioni solo in inglese! Prezzo d'ingresso : 4€.
    Морской музей Интересное место, много различных ракушек, чучела и папье маше, корабли, истории, раскопки - всё это в небольшом музее. Если днём очень жарко и вы не знаете, чем себя занять - смело идите в музей и рассматривайте экспонаты.
    the only planet
    the only planet
    Definitely worth a visit This is perfect for museum lovers. The museum is divided into three main sections. The biggest one is the archaeological. It represents The development of craftsmanship and civilization from very early ages. Very extensive exhibition and a lot of information is provided. A beautiful replica of a ship can be see there in its full glory. There is VR section where you can explore three places from the ancient times. This is a very nice project from the side of the museum. The second section is about the wildlife on land and in the sea around Cyprus and how wild life has evolved during the ages. This side was not well lid and was a bit difficult to read the info board. The third section is dedicated to the minerals found ion the island. Quite a small one but still interesting. Worth a visit especially during midday. In this way you avoid the heat.
    Nikita Kostin
    Nikita Kostin
    Интересный музей с историей Музей находится в центре Айя Напы и его очень удобно посещать в саму жару. Сам музей понравился своим разнообразием экспонатов. Особенно впечатлил большой старинный корабль, который находится в центре музея. Ребенок тоже был в восторге (3 года), комнату с чучелами морских обитателей обходили два раза. Рекомендую.
    Victor Prokhorov
    Victor Prokhorov
    Немного культурного отдыха в курортном городке Муниципальный музей Айа Напы - небольшой, но достаточно интересный. Наибольший интерес для меня представляла копия корабля Киренея - Киренея II. Корабль Киренея был обнаружен на дне в прибрежных водах Кипра, поднят и восстановлен. Это самый аутентичный корабль древности, доля оригинальных частей в нем составляет 70%. Сам корабль Киренея находится на экспозиции в музее Фамагусты, на территории ТРСК. Киренея II - это копия этого корабля, на которой были совершены путешествия по древним средиземноморским маршрутам. То есть на этом корабле реально ходили! Также в музее есть зал с чучелами морских обитателей, зал с археологическими находками. Также интересна экспозиция картин со сценами из истории Кипра.
    Museum activities


    We have a wide variety of exhibitions and events for all ages.

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