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Painting Exhibition by Margarita Marti “Pinolino escapes…" /Artist Biography

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Exhibition Duration: 3 -31 March 2018

"Man is a multifaceted being. In this little time we have on our exciting planet, I think the best we can do is create and discover our potential. "



Margarita Marti is from Sotira Famagusta.

She is a primary school teacher. She holds a Master degree in Creative Αrts from the Exeter University. She taught art for two years in the 3rd All-day school at Sotira Famagusta. At the University she participated in group art exhibitions, while at the same time she attended Hagiography lessons for one year. She was an active member of the Art club at the Cyprus University. In the last year she was in charge of organizing the art exhibition of the art club at the University of Cyprus. After completing her studies, she attended courses at Christos Pitsillos School for several years. She also holds a Cambridge GCE in Art & Design with excellent grades. She has recently published the children's book "It's OK to be Different". Margarita is driven by her great love in drawing and painting and she is interested in educational technology. Her style is influenced by children's fairy tales and the artistic movement "pop surrealism". The paintings are distinguished for their fantastic detailed landscapes and characters and the element of Greek mythology.


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