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Painting Exhibition by Margarita Marti “Pinolino escapes…" /Explanation of main works

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The Escape of Pinolino.
Pinocchio's cousin, Pinocchio, bored with life on Earth, decides to escape to another world ... That is why he travels to the stratosphere of the Angels between Hell and Paradise
On this journey, of course, he finds monsters, mythical beings and fantastic animals. Pinolino looks a lot like his cousin. He also has a large wooden nose which grows depending on how many lies he will say. You will find him in several paintings, and in some of them also makes her appearance Pinocchina, a smart female Pinocchio.
In the artwork "Entrance", Pinolino appears in a glass of champagne depicting his own environment. Outside lays the “other” world. On the left is the entrance from which various animals enterwith momentum. Guardian of the world is a red phoenix. Music: Saxophone and harp.

In "Cornucopia" Pinolino sits in a corner listening to the story of a place where abundance prevails. An abundance of cultures, stories, food, animals and people. Everything is abundant ... but not enough. Some want them all their own ... Symbol: The horn of Amalthia that symbolizes abundance. Despite the abundance, greed will prevail.
In the "Aphrodite under attack" artwork, Pinolino participates in the rescue of Aphrodite, otherwise known as Venus. Will he make it? Aphrodite, representing Cyprus, is being attacked by wicked external enemies, whom here are likened to unscrupulous sharks. A woman plays a violin despite the chaotic condition that eventually will lead to a wreck like another Titanic, while the treasure remains unexploited at the bottom. The project was completed in 2012.
In the "Unbreakable" artwork, there is a woman in the center escaping the Twilight Zone by breaking the big mirror.
We approach the end at the gates of Paradise. The night is dark red, and the evening is romantic. On the left side, flirting dominates. An aristocrat hanim from the East with her Arab horse, escapes from the world of darkness and reaches the Elysian fields. The arrival is being noted by the keeper of this world, and a mysterious woman behind a broken window. The glass that the West aristocrat lady holds, breaks with the entrance of the oriental aristocrat lady. The breaking of the glass shows that the West has been caught sleeping repeatedly and this is being displayed on a journey of time which unfolds from the ancient times, to the Middle Ages, fading in the Modern Age. Above the mirror is a young blue Pegasus with stars in the legs, representing the constellation Pegasus. A woman has fallen from the back of the young blue Pegasus that acts as a punisher. Pegasus acts like this because the woman tries like another Bellerofon to reach the gates of paradise. But there is hope, as someone notices her fall...
Love and peaceful coexistence dominate. E.g. the dragon and the lamb. Dragons are not nightmarish. Music: Saxophone.
In the “Unwritten” artwork, the three fates are being attacked by angels. In ancient Greek mythology destiny is defined by the three fates: Klotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who cuts the thread of life. Nothing is written and everything can change. There is no destiny and responsible for his future is the man himself. The element of antiquity is interwoven with the Renaissance and Knights' era. Above the left is the coat of arms of the Medieval Cyprus. The scene ends with Pinolino being enchanted by a siren. The siren has already wrapped the boat. Will Pinolino be able to resist or sink back into his own world? Music: Piano, violin and viola.

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