The Museum

One kind of a museum

Welcome to the THALASSA Municipal Museum, which was opened in August 2005, in association with the Pierides Foundation, the Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition and the Tornaritis-Pierides Marine Life Foundation. The building is the work of the architects Zenon and Christina Sierepklis, while the  musicological study and  design is the result of the work of Dr. Yannis Toumazis.

The Museum is located at the centre of Agia Napa and it has the sea as a subject-matter. It is the first museum of its kind across the Mediterranean region with main principle to present to the audiences, the local and foreign visitors, the impact and the significance of the sea upon the history of the island. The exhibits of the museum span, from paleontological times, through the prehistoric era,until present time.

The museum is a three story building constructed of marble, onyx, wood and metal, offers unique experiences  that appeal to all senses through  its ‘bird eye view’. It is subdivided into six levels and  the exhibits are presented in four different styles: in under- floor  free standing showcases, in modern showcases, exhibits  placed around  the museum, while  others are suspended from the roof.

Also in the museum, there is an attractively designed area for shows, lectures, seminars, and workshops , an outdoor  amphitheatre for cultural performances.

The THALASSA Municipal Museum is accessible to persons with disabilities and those with visual impairment. It includes specially designed touch exhibits as well as QR Codes application on selected exhibits.